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Pigments of the Imagination

Well, do you really expect to find an image of a shabby waiting room at a railway station in a Birmingham (UK) suburb on these pages? So, what's this?

Hundreds of people must have seen this in Hall Green, where I live, and thought only, "that thing needs a coat of paint." (They've replaced it with a new 'modern' one now. Never mind.) Let's take a closer look:

The thing about art, and perhaps especially space art and SF, is that no matter how well you can paint, or how proficient you are on the computer, it's the imagination (not just the pigments, though they're important too!) that really counts.

Now I looked at that peeling paint, and what did I see?

The next few images will show you...

It starts quite simply with Invert in Photoshop...

So, wherever you are on Earth, you can be anywhere you like in the worlds of your imagination. Even among colliding icebergs in the Antarctic. Or on another world entirely. I hope you enjoyed joining me among my worlds, and will come for another journey soon -- imaginary, or even real?


AstrobiologySurprise? What can I say?
The Web site had only been up for a few days, and I received a 'Stellar Award' (right). I must be doing something right!

I would like to say a big "thank you" to all the friends, both in the UK and USA, thanks to e-mail, who have helped by criticising my early efforts and giving me advice and tips. Especially: Laurence Miller of Creative Consultants (UK), Kim Poor at Novagraphics (USA), Chris Adams at EdPrint (UK), David Palermo (USA), and all the artists of the IAAA who have responded. And of course Keith Cowing, whose Stellar site can be accessed via the image, and is a MUST.

More surprises!
Within a few days of the new site being published, I was awarded the Stellar Link Award Best of the Web 2001 by!

In addition, I was also awarded Affiliate status.


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