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With Visions of Space being quite successful, Dragon's World asked me what I would like to do next...

Having always been interested in and fascinated by volcanoes (which, as you can see elsewhere on this site, feature quite heavily in the places I visit, with and without the IAAA), I suggested a book on that subject, but illustrated entirely with my paintings ~ no photographs.

But Why?
Books on volcanoes usually feature the same, black-and-white photos, because there was only time for one to be taken before the photographer ran for his/her life! I can interpret those, add colour, weather, lighting effects. I asked Dr John Murray of the Open University to write the text, and so The Fires Within was born.

Mt. Erebus
Above: Mount Erebus, the Antarctic volcano (my wife Ruth's favourite).


Not so idyllic: Vesuvius, as it appeared in AD 79 according to a computer simulation.

This one's called 'Measuring Etna'.

Measuring Etna

I produced this diagram showing the plumbing system of various types of volcano for my book with Dr John Murray, The Fires Within: Volcanoes on Earth and Other Planets (Dragon's World, 1991).

Kilauea on Hawaii is at the top: Mt Etna is at centre, and Krafla, Iceland (note the lava dome) is at bottom.

Volcano types

This painting from The Fires Within shows the volcano Helgafell threatening the fishing port of Heimaey on Vestmannaeyjar, off the south coast of Iceland, in 1973. The lava flows were limited by using water sprays.

The originals of this and 'Measuring Etna' (above), among others, are available for sale.




A cutaway showing the convection currents inside the Earth which led to the movements of plates and consequent volcanic activity.

Convection currents

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