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Commercial Art
Space and SF images have become very 'commercial' for advertising purposes. Although they form a fairly small part of my output, I have produced quite a few images for this field...
I've done 48-sheet poster for companies from Guinness to Mecca Bookmakers (they're in my new book, Hardyware), and even worked on a commercial with Ridley Scott, starring John McEnroe! But the company for which I've done most promotional work, including many covers for specialist trade magazines, is Vortex PR, now based in Guernsey, C.I. Here are some examples:

This large acrylic painting, now framed in their offices, is also used as a business card, which owner Nigel Robson says always creates interest.

Vortex PR logo
Originally all my work was 'traditional' ~ ie. painted or airbrushed, like this Duracell advert, based on the fact that Chris Bonnington used these batteries on his ascent of Everest ~ but the advent of the Mac allowed me much more flexibility and creativity.

The Mythical Duracell Yeti...

'Surfing the web' takes on a new dimension, when using a PC card as a surfboard! (Digital)


The dolphin image at right was used to promote a new 3D card for PCs, and I used the Mac program Poser to create a metamorphosis from wireframe to the fully-rendered animals.

Dolphins for MIPS campaign

A (painted) Christmas cover for What's New in Electronics, in which its editor appears as Santa with a sackful of electronic goodies.

What's new in Electronics cover

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