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Recent & Unusual SF & Fantasy

Here are some recent non-astronomical commissions, both private and for book/cover use, from 2001–2008.


‘Technology is Magic’

In 2001, SFX magazine asked several prominent SF artists to illustrate a 'fake' story, to compare the different styles and approaches. This is David Hardy's version.

‘Test Flight’

Originally painted (digitally) as a cover for The Human Front by Ken MacLeod (PS Books, 2001), this was later used as a cover for Analog magazine in May 2003.

‘Dancer in the Dark’

Cover for story by David Gerrold, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF), April 2004.

'The Space Eater' (revised)

Hardy produced a new cover for The Space Eater by David Langford, published by Cosmos Books in 2005. The version used has no astronaut, though the artist (and the author) prefer this version!

‘Dragons of Taban’

A digital composite, produced as a cover for 42 magazine in 2001. It uses the background from 'Towers of Taban' from Galactic Tours (1981), which was painted in gouache, combined with a dragon scanned from an acrylic painting done as a private commission.

Based on the 'Spiral' trilogy

A recent private commission (August 2005): an oil painting on canvas, based on Mike Scott Rohan’s ‘Spiral’ trilogy – Chase the Morning, Gates of Noon and Cloud Castles. These are favourites of SF fan and collector Susan Peak.

'The Cathedral of Universal Biodiversity'

by Gary W. Shockley is the subject of this latest cover artwork for F&SF, for February 2006. "It is a story about the power of the mind, and imagination, so appealed to me," says Hardy. (Unfortunately this cover has printed very pale and looks washed-out and insipid ~click to see how it should appear!)

'Balance of Power'

by Richard A. Lovett was published on the June 2007 cover of Analog magazine. It tells the story of an astronaut stranded on Titan, alone ~ except for his 'female' AI companion.


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