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The 'Portal' Paintings
These circular paintings are no longer available for sale. Although shown the same size here, the top one is one metre in diameter, plus frame with an integral 'hammered-metal' finish (which I also produced, with the aid of Graham Booker, my son-in-law, a skilled woodworker). Each of the others is cut from the previous frame, so is about 10cm smaller.

Prices for these are £2500, £2000, £1500 (Earth, Mars, Moon) - SOLD as set

Please note that none of these paintings is intended to be a 'straight' rendering of a scene through a porthole. They are symbolic ~ an idealised view, or perhaps a 'zoom' image. For instance, the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, cannot be seen together in the configuration below, being too far apart. And our Moon looks no larger from Earth-orbit than it does from the surface (right). But this expanded view allows every crater and detail to be seen!
Mars and its Moons
Three of the great shield volcanoes of the Tharsis bulge may be seen here, as well as part of the Valles Marineris canyon system. Until recently this original was on loan, and was in the foyer of the Spaceguard Centre, the Old Observatory, Knighton, Powys. See also note above.

(Earth/Moon also forms the jacket illustration of Hardyware.) All are in acrylics on board.

In effect, the reverse of the top image. This is in fact the most 'realistic' of the three, since one can indeed see the blue Earth, an oasis in space, balanced on the limb of the rugged and cratered lunar surface, as did the Apollo astronauts for the first time ever at Christmas, 1968.
More originals  
If you would like to commission me to produce any artwork to your personal specification, please e-mail me. Any size can be produced ~ providing I don't have to take the roof off my studio to move it out! :-)

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