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Virtually any of the images seen throughout this site can be created as a full-colour, photo-quality print, up to SuperA3 in size. Here are some examples.

If you see a Hardy illustration (this includes in books such as Hardyware or Futures) and would like a signed photo-quality inkjet print (up to SuperA3 size, price £35.00; A3 £30.00; A4 £20.00, all + £3.50 p&p in UK), just e-mail for more details. Payment by cheque to the address on Sales page, or by PayPal. See below.

Note: In the USA, high-quality giclées of art from Futures, on canvas if preferred. are now also available from Pixibilities Inc. Please do check this out!

'Lift-off' has proved very popular as a print from AstroArt. It shows an imaginary gas giant seen from its jagged moon, with a spacecraft ascending.

Equally popular, 'The Eclipse Watchers' depicts the famous stone heads of Easter Island during yet another lunar eclipse.

The huge red supergiant star 'Antare's has a small bluish companion, whose light here shines through a natural arch in a tall peak. (From the private collection of T. Berry)

'Ezekiel's Wheels', which I painted for a series of UFO articles, written by Chris Morgan, who also wrote the text for my book Hardyware. It shows a ufological interpretation of the prophet's biblical visitation of 'Wheels Within Wheels', with a crystal dome (mothership?)

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) revealed the 'Antenna Nebula' (actually the probable result of a collision between galaxies) in wonderful detail. Here I could not resist contrasting the result of this cosmic violence with a peaceful landscape. A solitary figure (human, or alien?) is needed to contemplate this beauty.

From the private collection of Richard Bizley

All of the above paintings were originally reproduced as laser prints by the Novaspace Gallery in Tucson, USA. A few of these prints are still available from AstroArt, but where they have sold out a photo-quality inkjet can still be produced, at £20.00 for A4, £30.00 for A3 or £35.00 for SuperA3, plus postage. Payment may now be made by credit card, via PayPal – please see Sales page for more details and address.

Many of the above prints are available in the USA as laser prints from
Giclée prints of several illustrations from Futures are available in the USA from Pixibilities Inc.


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