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Relevant Links
These are accurate to the best of my knowledge, but I accept no responsibility for failed links! If you think I have missed anyone, or know of a site that you think is suitable to be included, please e-mail me. Thanks.

ChakrasMeraylah's Green Pages
My daughter is also a professional artist, though her work is very different. Do take a look ~ you'll be glad you did. It is also available as originals, prints or cards.

Other artistic, scientific and SF-oriented sites, including merchandise etc:

Chesley Bonestell 1 ~ the Old Master himself
Chesley Bonestell 2 ~ more from the Old Master
Ludek Pesek ~ Astronomical and surreal paintings from another Master of Space Art
Ken Fair's West to Mars: let's GO!
Mat Irvine's Space Models ~ you've seen them on TV!
Meraylah Allwood's Green Pages~ from the Green Man to Celtic Myth
Volcano World
TharsisGallery - Space art by Marilynn Flynn
Second Nature Software ~ CD Screensavers
Art/Science Collaborations, Inc (ASCI)
Computer Artworks/Organic Art
Sea and Sky ~ a great site devoted to the two great frontiers
David Mattingly ~ SF art by a Master
Frank Wu ~ another SF/fantasy site worth a visit
SFWA Art Gallery ~ Science Fiction Writers of America ~ Artists too!
Science Photo Library (SPL ) ~ science photos (not just space!)
Ken Bromley Art Supplies
C-This Space ~ superb space and portrait art.
Stan Nicholls ~ Here Be Dragons!
Universe Today ~ space news from around the Internet, updated every weekday
SF Crowsnest ~ the SF and Fantasy Search Engine
Lynn Stowe ~ interesting, mainly abstract space art
Agora Gallery ~ a US fine art gallery, with some excellent links to fine artists
Aerospace Guide: Projects and Info ~ another very useful site for space enthusiasts
Alex Michael Bonnici's Space Exploration Page ~ many useful links
DSFPortree ~ a fascinating collection of images of early space projects, such as von Braun, R.A.Smith. A MUST!
Fantasya ~ another very worthwhile site devoted to fantasy art and much more ~ 'Win yourself a ticket to the edge of space!'
World Space Week ~ an international venture in 2001, mainly for young people
Night Sky Information ~ weekly news & articles about the night sky and astronomy.
Artgator ~ Directory of artist websites.
Outer Space Art Gallery ~ travel through space, via this excellent site of art galleries.
Mark A. Garlick's Space Art ~ Accurate art, as painted by an astronomer.
Michael Böhme ~ Space art, Landscapes and Symbolism.

The Space Art Network ~ Bringing space artists together.
BizleyArt. Richard Bizley owns the ONLY specialist Gallery of space art (also prehistoric, etc) in the UK, situated in Lyme Regis, Dorset.
Seti UNIVERSE ~ all aspects of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, extrasolar planets and life, under one roof!

The Terraforming Art Gallery ~ Compiled by Dr Martyn Fogg, a leading expert on the subject.
SF Site ~ see' Bibliography' at the top of this column. But there's much. much more on this site...
Erik Viktor's SPACE WORLD ~ a marvellous travelling exhibition of space exploration.
Surfaces Rendered ~ A preview of an amazing new CG film, animating the 1950s designs for
spaceflight from COLLIERS magazine.
Paul Hoffman ~ Superb art and 3D modelling site
Chris Neale ~ Excellent SF art, 3D-CGI ~ and a Moon Hoax page!
Kurt Foge ~ 3D star maps, fine paintings, and a SF site.
Parrish Paintings ~ Space and Time Scenes. ~ Accurate art, as painted by an astronomer.
Retro-Rockets Space Jewelry: 'Inspired by the imagery of the Golden Age of Science Fiction'

Or, for 'something completely different', try:
Mars by Stealth: A Sci-Fi comedy adventure

Yahoo: use this Search Engine to find other sites of interest.
Google: yet another search engine of note.

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The OTHER AstroArts?
David A Hardy's Astro Art Pages;

David Hardy registered 'AstroArt' in 1970 as a business name in the UK. However, if you search for 'AstroArt' you may find other Web sites with the same name, or very similar. To save you the trouble, here are those that I know about. If you find any others, please do tell us!

AstroArt ~ analysis and processing of astronomical images using Windows 95/NT.
MSB Software ~ publishers of the AstroArt astronomy software.

There's also a user group on Yahoo! dealing mainly with the AstroArt Astronomy software (see above).

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