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Organisations & Mags

There are many magazines and publications dealing with art, science and SF. Listed below are just a few that caught my eye..

Organizations and Magazines:
Astronomy (USA)
Sky & Telescope (USA)
Astronomy Now
The Planetary Society (USA)
The Planetary Society (UK Branch)
British Astronomical Association
National Space Society (NSS) (USA)
Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA) (UK)
UK Amateur Astronomy
British National Space Centre (BNSC)
European Space Agency
NASA Spacelink
Ansible: THE SF Newsletter
British Fantasy Society
Space Explorers: Missions for Schools
UK SEDS ~ the best resource I've found for Astro sites!
HEASARC ~ another excellent resource
SpaceTours ~ space for all!
Space Science Institute (SSI)
Space Tourism Society ~ we CAN all go into space!
Spaceguard UK ~ one day, an asteroid WILL hit the Earth. What should we be doing about it?
Space Settlers Society. Speaks for itself ~ plus LOTS more excellent links!
Paper Tiger ~ publishers of many excellent science, SF and Fantasy books. ~ whatever your interest in space, it's here!
SpaceWatch ~ very useful streaming media site
LunarSat ~ be in at the beginning of the new phase of lunar exploration!
Astronomy Links ~ does exactly what it says on the tin. Also linked to...
The Astro Pages ~ see above.

Earth & Space Foundation ~ a new Hardy painting of Mars, plus work of other space artists.
Space World ~ Erik Victor's marvellous exhibition.
Bud Plant Comic Art ~ books, comic art, vintage pin-ups and erotic art.
Zone SF ~ a new online magazine, featuring SF and non-SF, such as interviews with authors.

(see also other links within these pages, especially IAAA)

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